Meaning of as regards in English:

as regards

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  • Concerning; in respect of.

    ‘as regards content, the programme will cover important current issues’
    • ‘The parties reserved their position in this respect as regards any future proceedings.’
    • ‘I am willing to meet Mr Fagan to discuss any proposals he has for the park and I am sure he has a lot to offer as regards ideas for the park.’
    • ‘One such issue for Ireland is taxation, particularly as regards our favourable company tax rate.’
    • ‘I will also still not be in the clear as regards possible infection from Alec last week, and neither will my mum.’
    • ‘Now as regards access and control, this doesn't really leave students with very much control.’
    • ‘This radio show is one of many that Patrick will be appearing on but it is one of the better ones as regards listenership.’
    • ‘But as regards the insurgency, they're evidently not particularly relevant at all.’
    • ‘She notes that not a lot has changed in 30 years as regards the ratio of women in politics in Carlow.’
    • ‘As regards the survey data, the proof of the pudding will be clear when we see how the Home Office presents the conclusions.’
    • ‘As regards other offenders, the surveys we carried out as part of the price awareness campaign towards the end of last year showed how prices can vary widely.’
    concerning, as regards, with regard to, in regard to, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to, relating to, respecting, as for, as to, re, about, apropos, on the subject of, in connection with