Meaning of as rich as Croesus in English:

as rich as Croesus


(also rich as Croesus)
  • Very wealthy.

    ‘as rich as Croesus and unable to realize his millions without ruining the share price’
    • ‘If he's used his drive and determination to make himself as rich as Croesus, then good for him.’
    • ‘He may be as rich as Croesus but he is also a good minister, politically genuine and a nice man.’
    • ‘He could have been as rich as Croesus by now, but opted not to be.’
    • ‘She's as rich as Croesus now and only 22 years old.’
    • ‘Not only must he measure up to a father-in-law as rich as Croesus, he lives next door to his clifftop mansion and borrows millions off him for a business venture.’
    • ‘How does one achieve dramatic interior design results without being as rich as Croesus?’
    • ‘They're gorgeous, they're rich as Croesus, they seem to be genuinely in love.’
    • ‘Despite being 72 years-old and rich as Croesus, he cannot sleep.’
    • ‘If you are as rich as Croesus, never think of yourself as wealthy.’
    • ‘if your information is truly valuable, we can use it against him and both become as rich as Croesus!’