Meaning of as safe as houses in English:

as safe as houses

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(also safe as houses)
  • Completely safe.

    ‘One man said we were as safe as houses but it unnerves you.’
    • ‘In comparison Ricardo, the Portuguese goalkeeper, was as safe as houses, and can consider himself unfortunate not to have parried away the Larsson effort, which gave Celtic their winning goal.’
    • ‘Whilst the opposition parties and various independent bodies warned of the risk of increased electoral fraud, the government pressed on, claiming that the new postal votes were as safe as houses.’
    • ‘A second great myth is that property is literally as safe as houses while the stock market is the investment equivalent of Dodge City.’
    • ‘Sedbergh full back Richard Egan looked as safe as houses under a barrage of high kicks, and stand-off Darren Collins narrowly pulled his penalty attempt wide when the hosts were caught holding down.’
    • ‘As a result, most Japanese banks naturally thought that land was as safe as houses.’
    • ‘James says the belief that our personal finances are as safe as houses has fuelled an impressive consumer boom.’