Meaning of as sober as a judge in English:

as sober as a judge


(also sober as a judge)
  • Completely sober.

    ‘I went to bed at 10:30 last night sober as a judge and slept right through to wake up at 8am this morning feeling terrible.’
    • ‘But on this occasion he sounded sober as a judge.’
    • ‘These are the people who will be sober as a judge (surely a contradiction in terms), will not miss a thing and will remember it all in the morning.’
    • ‘And eventually, that sort of thing is a bit counterproductive you see, because you had half a dozen witnesses saying that the captain was sober as a judge, whatever that may mean.’
    • ‘Even the Judge could afford a smile when she heard that a defendant, who gave ‘horrid abuse’ to a Garda, was ‘as sober as a judge’ when the incident occurred.’
    • ‘It doesn't worry me now if I'm watching people getting drunk, while I'm as sober as a judge.’
    • ‘He could have been on an awful bender in Phuket, but if he shows up at the gate at the Air Force Base at Butterworth, sober as a judge, with respect, then that is it.’
    • ‘When I saw him at Yankee Stadium, he was as sober as a judge and pitched one of the greatest games of his life.’
    • ‘I was actually sober as a judge most of the time, just got bit twisted on this particular day.’
    • ‘It's funny you guys say that... he was actually sober as a judge there.’
    not drunk, not intoxicated, clear-headed, as sober as a judge