Meaning of as stubborn as a mule in English:

as stubborn as a mule

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(also stubborn as a mule)
  • Extremely stubborn.

    • ‘I ride him at home and he is quite a character, as stubborn as a mule.’
    • ‘You know that I'm as stubborn as a mule and if I wanted to be, I could be mad at you forever, but I can't be.’
    • ‘You're great-great-grandmother was like this, stubborn as a mule.’
    • ‘Grandmama was threatening to switch me, but I was stubborn as a mule.’
    • ‘They smell, they drool, they're stubborn as a mule.’
    • ‘‘Well, he said that Talison is beautiful and stubborn as a mule,’ Joss said casually.’
    • ‘She was blunt, short-tempered, arrogant, independent, out-spoken, and stubborn as a mule.’
    • ‘They may be stubborn as a mule, but that doesn't mean they won't budge.’
    • ‘Even though she wasn't here, and even though his father was as stubborn as a mule, Caspian wasn't particularly worried.’
    • ‘She was as stubborn as a mule with an ego as big as the Pacific Ocean.’
    obstinate, stubborn as a mule, mulish, headstrong, wilful, strong-willed, self-willed, pig-headed, bull-headed, obdurate, awkward, difficult, contrary, perverse, recalcitrant, refractory