Meaning of as thin as a rake in English:

as thin as a rake


(also thin as a rake)
  • (of a person) very thin.

    ‘in spite of all this food I remained as thin as a rake’
    • ‘He's short, receding, sallow-skinned and thin as a rake!’
    • ‘He should be thin as a rake.’
    • ‘Soon she will realise that no matter how much the old boy eats he stays thin as a rake.’
    • ‘Marc dressed in black, looking thin as a rake and white as a sheet.’
    • ‘But there was that guy who was thin as a rake and eat several Big Macs a day.’
    • ‘Katy ducked behind John, then peered around him to see an old man with yellowing eyes and white hair, with a bent back and thin as a rake.’
    • ‘My friend was only 14 and was thin as a rake with tell tale signs of drug abuse which I didn't know then.’
    • ‘My father died at the age of 79 and was as thin as a rake all his life, however, my youngest brother and two of my uncles had paunches, so maybe there is a genetic element to my problem.’
    • ‘He was very tall, about six foot two, and as thin as a rake.’
    • ‘He was as thin as a rake, and was taller than most men at that age.’