Meaning of as warm as toast in English:

as warm as toast

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(also warm as toast)
  • Pleasantly warm.

    ‘The sun is beating down and it's warm as toast.’
    • ‘In a few minutes the inside of the car would be as warm as toast.’
    • ‘That night we slept like logs, warm as toast in our luxury tent in a campsite we'd found on the bank of the river Vedder.’
    • ‘These really aid not only in keeping you dry, but warm as toast as well.’
    • ‘These boots will give a good grip on wet decks and worn with woollen thermal or neoprene socks will keep your feet as warm as toast.’
    • ‘But they sort of ran the place, secretaries or organisers or whatever they were, and we kids loved them, really loved them and they were as warm as toast.’
    • ‘He's seen strange things, like shadows that dance in the corner of his eye, and felt cold spots in homes that should be as warm as toast.’