Meaning of as white as a sheet in English:

as white as a sheet

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(also white as a sheet)
  • (of a person) very pale, especially from shock.

    ‘I felt totally shocked, went white as a sheet, and couldn't stop shaking.’
    • ‘By the time all this is over I shall be about three feet tall and white as a sheet, with hair like the snows of Mount Fuji, and so worn out that I shall have to spend the rest of my life reclining on a sofa like a frail Victorian lady.’
    • ‘Marc dressed in black, looking thin as a rake and white as a sheet.’
    • ‘The doctor was white as a sheet but it couldn't have been nice for him.’
    • ‘I woke up this morning white as a sheet after one of the greatest footballing nights of my life.’
    • ‘Robert gasped in amazement, his mouth gaped open, he went as white as a sheet and his eyes opened wide.’
    • ‘After he relaxed, the delayed shock hit him and he turned white as a sheet.’
    • ‘One day, Ashley came over and she was white as a sheet.’
    • ‘If a red-faced man can turn white as a sheet, then the unfortunate plumber had done so.’
    • ‘The boy stopped dead, face going white as a sheet.’