Meaning of Ascensiontide in English:


Pronunciation /əˈsɛnʃ(ə)ntʌɪd/


  • The period of ten days from Ascension Day to Whitsun Eve.

    ‘At Ascensiontide, we encounter the Trinity through prayer.’
    • ‘At the edge of Ascensiontide, we know only the threshold beyond which Jesus has gone, into a cloud of luminous darkness.’
    • ‘You will notice how many of the Ascensiontide hymns speak of Kingship, Majesty, Power and Dominion.’
    • ‘The Forum meets for a conference in a different country at Ascensiontide each year.’
    • ‘On the conclusion of Canon Wilson's address, the audience joined in singing a hymn for Ascensiontide composed by the late poet.’
    • ‘Evelyn made her first retreat at Pleshey during Ascensiontide in 1921, and conducted her first retreat here during Lent in 1924.’
    • ‘In Ascensiontide we have ten days to observe the paradoxes of luminous darkness, of loss in order to gain, of becoming a child to attain maturity.’
    • ‘In 1724, a rather windy day greeted the town's annual Ascensiontide Fayre, and the bells were rung for many hours.’
    • ‘Easter term always began two weeks after Easter Sunday, again a week later than the Exchequer, and regularly continued past the feast of the Ascension to end one week after Ascensiontide.’