Meaning of asepsis in English:


Pronunciation /eɪˈsɛpsɪs/

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mass noun
  • 1The absence of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

    • ‘When discharged, dry chemical extinguishers spread powder throughout the room and possibly could compromise asepsis.’
    asepsis, freedom from germs, lack of contamination, lack of infection, lack of pollution, disinfection, purity, cleanliness
    1. 1.1The exclusion of bacteria and other microorganisms, typically during surgery.
      Compare with antisepsis
      ‘Many perioperative nurses report that new providers and clinicians have a limited understanding of medical versus surgical asepsis.’
      • ‘Perioperative nurses have significant expertise in the areas of surgical asepsis, safe medication handling, and traffic control, and they serve instrumental roles in these areas.’
      • ‘Until science has a better understanding of the etiology of this infectious protein, medical professionals must remain vigilant in asepsis and patient advocacy.’
      • ‘‘She emphasized the importance of sterile asepsis for the safety of the patient,’ says Baxter.’
      • ‘The importance of asepsis and sterilization of instruments and supplies for invasive procedures became widely accepted.’
      • ‘Nurse educators and CNSs also supported the program coordinator by teaching classes on medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, asepsis, and sterility, focusing on surgical patient care.’
      • ‘The overwhelming message was the need to teach and practice familiar prevention strategies, including asepsis, antisepsis, adjunctive measures, and appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis.’
      • ‘The most important progress in the surgical management of patients during the past 100 years has resulted from non-operative components of surgical care: anaesthesia, antisepsis, and asepsis.’
      • ‘The project director and perioperative participants believe this evaluation demonstrates that brushless scrubbing maintains surgical asepsis in the perioperative environment.’
      • ‘A basic principle of perioperative nursing care is surgical asepsis.’
      • ‘This guideline addresses preoperative preparation of patients, hand and forearm asepsis for surgical team members, management of infected or colonized surgical personnel, and antimicrobial prophylaxis.’
      • ‘While rupture of the membranes is carried out under strict asepsis, we do not transfer these women to the delivery room, but perform this simple act in the labor room while the patient is on a bedpan.’
      • ‘Activities that can minimize risk include instructing a patient about showering or bathing with antiseptic soap or teaching a new learner about surgical asepsis.’
      • ‘Rigorous adherence to the principles of asepsis is the foundation of surgical site infection prevention, and this should never be circumvented to save time or money.’
      • ‘Skin surface preparation and dressing application provide students with opportunities to understand asepsis.’