Meaning of asexual in English:


Pronunciation /eɪˈsɛkʃʊəl/

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  • 1Not involving sexual activity, feelings, or associations; non-sexual.

    ‘he led an asexual life’
    • ‘I'd been smitten with Fox, but in an entirely asexual way’
    • ‘One of society's most cherished beliefs is that the workplace is, or should be, asexual.’
    • ‘Hands stroked my hair, but their touch was utterly asexual.’
    • ‘The couple's relationship is strangely asexual and does not emotionally resonate.’
    • ‘Nudist camps are the most asexual situation that we have ever found in our society.’
    • ‘Their relationship is carefully presented as completely asexual.’
    • ‘I'm content at this point to lead an asexual life.’
    • ‘Asexual touch has been a somewhat neglected sphere of pastoral care.’
    • ‘ I really loved him, in a completely asexual way.’
    • ‘Her poetry is almost asexual.’
    • ‘She gave me a huge, sincere, and utterly asexual hug.’
    1. 1.1(of a person) having no sexual feelings or desires, or not sexually attracted to anyone.
      ‘Murphy, who has never married, considers himself asexual’
      • ‘For asexual people, sex and romantic love works differently.’
      • ‘Asexual people who were interviewed in the documentary later spoke out against it for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about asexuality.’
      • ‘Asexual people can experience other forms of attraction, whether that's romantic, aesthetic, platonic or emotional. ’
      • ‘The asexual community is often misrepresented, underrepresented, or erased.’
      • ‘As an asexual nonbinary person, it was more than a little tiresome and off-putting.’
      • ‘Not every asexual person experiences their sexuality the exact same way.’
      • ‘Being asexual means I don't have any interest in expressing my attraction physically.’
      • ‘I identify as aromantic and asexual, and I have been single most of my life.’
      • ‘I have only just realised I am asexual.’
      • ‘Just because I'm asexual doesn't mean I don't want to date.’
  • 2Biology
    (of reproduction) not involving the fusion of gametes.

    ‘each polyp is capable of budding new polyps though asexual reproduction in spring’
    • ‘It can either start asexual reproduction or it can produce gametes through mitosis.’
    • ‘The organism can also go through asexual reproduction.’
    • ‘On the other hand, consider organisms that reproduce by agametic, asexual reproduction.’
    • ‘Most reproduction is asexual, and this is accomplished by a wide variety of means, including fragmentation of filaments, but often involving the production of some kind of spore.’
    • ‘During this period, each polyp is capable of budding new polyps though asexual reproduction in spring.’
    1. 2.1Without sex or sexual organs.
      ‘asexual parasites’
      • ‘The diagnosis is made by the observation of intracellular asexual forms of the parasite on thick and thin blood smears.’
      • ‘This, combined with a sufficiently high rate of deleterious mutation, can allow sexual genotypes to outcompete asexual genotypes in the face of the twofold cost of sex.’
      • ‘To experimentally measure this distribution requires either an asexual organism or a sexual line that is genetically homogeneous (homozygotic at each locus).’
      • ‘Our results also hold in both sexual and asexual species and recombining and nonrecombining chromosome regions.’
      • ‘Consequently, mean fitness at equilibrium is higher in sexual populations than in asexual populations when fitness interactions are negative.’
      • ‘Uh-huh… and did you know that angels are asexual?’
      asexual, sexless, unsexed, epicene


  • A person who has no sexual feelings or desires, or who is not sexually attracted to anyone.

    ‘She identifies as an asexual.’
    • ‘Although finding love as an asexual is arguably more challenging than for others, it is not impossible.’
    • ‘As an asexual, the search for true love is a game I don't understand.’
    • ‘This lack of understanding can be devastating for young asexuals.’
    • ‘Some asexuals simply want to touch , hold or cuddle a partner.’
    • ‘How many asexuals do you know?’
    • ‘ Asexuals are subject to being told over and over that they just haven't met the right person.’
    • ‘ Asexuals often decouple sex from romance, making regular dating apps largely useless.’
    • ‘All asexuals are different and there is no one stereotype.’
    • ‘ Asexuals see themselves under the umbrella of sexual queerness.’