Meaning of ash blonde in English:

ash blonde



(also ash blond)
  • (of a person's hair) very pale blonde.

    ‘she had straight, ash blonde hair’
    • ‘She had a flawless peaches-and-cream complexion and ash-blonde hair, which, if occasionally aided by the peroxide bottle, lacked the brassiness of some of her contemporaries'. Her slightly crossed green eyes only added to her charms.’
    • ‘Her short, layered ash-blonde hair was caught by a tiny updraft and the effect reminded Brooks and Howard of just how pure and innocent she could appear.’
    • ‘But I didn't have a chance to gawk at him much longer, even though his short, ash-blonde hair, hazel-green eyes, and muscular frame were totally alluring.’
    • ‘She had short, ash-blonde hair, high cheek bones, and trendy thin-wire-oval-frame glasses set before her opaque brown eyes.’
    • ‘Her normally perfect ash-blonde hair was plastered to her forehead, and her cheekbones glistened in the dim light.’
    • ‘Eve scowled prettily, flipping her ash-blonde hair over her shoulder.’
    • ‘Roberta Masterson's thick ash-blonde hair is shorter than it was when Chelsea left for school this morning.’
    • ‘Straight ash-blonde hair fell down past her shoulders, and her skin was unnaturally pale as if she were used to having a tan.’
    • ‘She's tall, with ash-blonde hair, and attractive in a home-cooked-meal kind of way.’
    • ‘Wisps of ash-blonde hair emerged from under the hood, though Ahron could not see his eyes.’
    • ‘The woman, a tall, broad-shouldered woman with abundant ash-blond hair, fell into Sarah's arms.’
    • ‘Janet has freckles on her nose and unruly ash-blond hair and green bulb earrings the size of Yule ornaments.’
    • ‘One had shaggy ash-blond hair that was pulled back into a rather sloppy ponytail in the back of his neck.’
    • ‘Soren came back up the stairs, her long ash-blond hair swishing behind her like a horse's mane.’
    • ‘Her round, tanned face was framed by ash-blond, nearly white hair which flowed unrestrained over her shoulders and reached past her waist.’
    • ‘His blond hair, several shades darker than ash-blond, was once cut short so that no lock of hair was longer than his thumb.’
    • ‘Harold smoothed her ash-blonde curls and kissed her forehead.’
    • ‘She turned on her heel, tossing ash-blonde ringlets over her shoulder.’
    • ‘She induced an involuntary gasp from the branch as she pouted and flicked her ash-blonde tresses over a lovely shoulder.’
    • ‘She's got ash blond hair, hazel eyes, and this optimistic attitude that makes it easy for her to be everyone's favorite.’
    • ‘She was very pretty and petite, with ash blond hair and warm blue-green eyes.’


(also ash blond)
  • A person with very pale blonde hair (typically used of a woman).

    ‘She was a small-framed ash blonde with a little too much makeup and a receding chin.’
    • ‘‘Ooh, the shady part of town,’ the ash-blonde whistled in excitement.’
    • ‘The ash blond smiled innocently at the glare the tall brunette threw in her direction.’
    • ‘She's an ash-blond with startlingly blue eyes.’
    blond, blonde, yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, tow-coloured, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde