Meaning of ashet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaʃɪt/


Scottish, Northern English
  • A large plate or dish.

    ‘As the ashet is held aloft, they proudly stride around the room.’
    • ‘Remove the chicken and shallots to a large ashet and keep warm.’
    • ‘The question arises in the same document concerning the ashets and milkpots mentioned.’
    • ‘For their dinners the Gardeners kept a stock of 160 small plates, 13 ashets, and 23 large plates.’
    • ‘The oval ashets and vegetable dishes would have been press moulded as well.’
    • ‘If you are sneaky, you can transfer the food into your own ashets, and rough it up a bit to look as though you have cooked it yourself.’
    bowl, plate, soup plate, platter, salver


Mid 16th century from French assiette.