Meaning of Asian American in English:

Asian American

Pronunciation /eɪʒ(ə)n əˈmɛrɪk(ə)n/

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  • An American who is of Asian (in particular East Asian) descent.

    ‘The ethnic heritages of European Americans, Asian Americans, and African Americans are totally different.’
    • ‘African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanics have a disproportionate burden for cancer deaths compared to the white population.’
    • ‘When we use terms such as African American, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans, we uppercase those terms.’
    • ‘In a decade, the program has provided 60 Blacks, Latinos, American Indians and Asian Americans with teaching degrees.’
    • ‘The three major minority groups are expected to be African Americans, Hispanic and Asian Americans.’
    • ‘Most of the students involved are African American, Latino, Asian American and American Indian.’
    • ‘This kind of ethnic density simply offers Korean Americans and other Asian Americans seeking community more opportunities to strengthen ethnic ties.’
    • ‘African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans are editorial page editors and op-ed editors as well as editorial writers and columnists.’
    • ‘The students were from diverse backgrounds, including White, Asian American, and African American students.’
    • ‘She has also done research on African American and Asian American relations in the twentieth century.’
    • ‘In fact, the best way for non-Asian American candidates and parties to appeal to Asian Americans online is to appeal to them offline as well.’
    • ‘American Buddhism, in particular, is growing among both Asian Americans as well as the general American population.’
    • ‘Chinese Americans constitute the largest group of Asian Americans.’
    • ‘What can Asian Americans do to find a unified voice in American politics?’
    • ‘Previous research has also determined that Asians and Asian Americans tend to seek help from social networks rather than from professionals such as counselors.’
    • ‘It also happens to be the number-one industry that both Latinos and Asian Americans would most like to work within.’
    • ‘Asians and Asian Americans occasionally ask me the same question, but possibly with different meaning.’
    • ‘Five researchers are female and one is male; four were white, one is Mexican American, and one Asian American.’
    • ‘Unfamiliarity with therapy may prompt some Asian Americans to safeguard personal information and to avoid the discussion of sensitive topics when in treatment.’
    • ‘Psychology wasn't really something Asian Americans considered going into as a field.’


  • Relating to Asian Americans.

    ‘Right now, though, there is a subterranean wave of Asian-American films, particularly documentaries, which can be detected at gatherings like the Asian-American film festival here last month.’
    • ‘This tale of privileged Asian-American high schoolers whose studious, overachieving image serves as a cover for criminal activity drew criticism for the bleakly amoral light it throws on its subjects.’
    • ‘Although she was drawn to New York because of its large Chinese population, Mah is cultivating a reputation as a designer with a New York style, rather than as an Asian-American designer.’
    • ‘And he not only develops art around the conflation of the personal and political, but also actively works around these issues in the Asian-American community.’
    • ‘As a sixth generation Chinese-American, I see myself as one of the many Asian-American designers who will be taking the art and design world by storm in the years to come.’
    • ‘In honor of Asian-American Month, we spotlight three musicians who pay homage to, and foretell the future of, this unique cross-cultural mix.’
    • ‘How do you feel about the lack of an Asian-American presence in the hip-hop mainstream of the United States?’
    • ‘An avalanche of movies about the rich and varied Asian-American experience is long overdue; perhaps Lin's work will prompt that.’
    • ‘There were never a lot of Asian-American comics to begin with.’
    • ‘More recent studies seem to point in the direction that there is a need to clarify conceptual findings by examining intra-group differences within the Asian-American population.’
    • ‘There's a large selection of African-American interest books for children, as well as Native-American, Jewish and Asian-American titles.’
    • ‘A study published in Cancer shows that Asian-American cancer patients have stomach tumors with different biologic traits than the tumors found in non-Asians.’
    • ‘What school will not only add majors - environmental studies, Asian-American studies, computer science - but have the temerity to cut them?’
    • ‘When ABC approached her to star as herself in the first sitcom to feature an Asian-American family, Cho was desperate to get off the road and thrilled by the idea of being a working actress.’
    • ‘Gone is the tight focus on the Asian-American experience, the self-recriminating, hapless protagonists and the language dense as bamboo thickets.’
    • ‘The magazine also reports on the media and the manner in which it covers Asian Americans and Asian American issues.’
    • ‘Gender differences in parental control were not as apparent among African American and Asian American youth.’
    • ‘There are essays by a Latina feminist and an Asian American feminist.’
    • ‘The Asian American literary movement is one of the most remarkable in American literary history.’