Meaning of Asian elephant in English:

Asian elephant


another term for Indian elephant
‘New DNA research reveals that woolly mammoths were more closely related to modern Asian elephants than to African elephants.’
  • ‘There were once more than 300 species within the family, known as proboscideans, but today only Asian elephants and African elephants still exist.’
  • ‘This still largely uncharted region of the world is home to Asian elephants, leopards, Himalayan black bears, wild boars, and the sambar deer, a delicacy for wide-ranging tigers.’
  • ‘The finding is significant because it makes Borneo's 2,000 or so Asian elephants one of the highest priority populations for conservation.’
  • ‘Under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the African elephant is listed as a threatened species, and the Asian elephant is listed as an endangered species.’
  • ‘Could the Asian elephant fulfill the same ecological role that elephants played here 13,000 years ago?’
  • ‘‘Just as polar bears don't thrive in a hot climate, Asian elephants shouldn't live in small groups without many acres to roam,’ Detroit Zoo director Ron Kagan said at the time.’
  • ‘Bull elephants are targeted because, unlike African elephants, only male Asian elephants produce tusks.’
  • ‘The chirps are made by Asian elephants but not by African elephants.’
  • ‘Of the 300 African and Asian elephants in AZA zoos, only 17 will be left in 50 years, one study predicts, and those will be too old to breed.’
  • ‘A quarter of all Asian elephants are held in captivity, including 9-15 per cent of the total population of the Sumatran subspecies.’
  • ‘They observed Asian elephants, both wild and captive, tearing off leafy side branches from trees or from unwieldy limbs already on the ground.’
  • ‘They found that Asian elephants in European zoos typically live about 15 years, only half as long as elephants in timber camps.’
  • ‘According to the narrator, who obviously loves his elephants, Asian elephants are also far more intelligent than their African brothers.’
  • ‘Trunk banging displays of the Asian elephant produce a booming sound heard for a great distance.’
  • ‘The Asian elephant featured strongly in Buddhism and Brahminism and the elephants were tamed and domesticated to be able to be used efficiently.’
  • ‘Within a few decades, orangutans, Asian elephants, Sumatran tigers, Chilean flamingos, Amur leopards, and many other well-known species will likely disappear from the wild.’
  • ‘Her group is particularly worried for the future of large mammals native to the Himalaya, including the tiger, Asian elephant, and greater one-horned rhinoceros.’
  • ‘The traditional place to see Asian elephants in the wild is India, where about 80 national parks and 440 sanctuaries provide a host of opportunities for wildlife viewing.’
  • ‘After that I didn't want to work with any animals other than Asian elephants.’