Meaning of asparagus beetle in English:

asparagus beetle


  • A small boldly marked leaf beetle whose adults and larvae both feed on the leaves of asparagus.

    Crioceris asparagi, family Chrysomelidae

    ‘Spotted asparagus beetle larvae feed mainly on the berries of the female plants.’
    • ‘The adult spotted asparagus beetles emerge at least a week later than the plain asparagus beetle.’
    • ‘There are two kinds of asparagus beetle - asparagus beetle and spotted asparagus beetle.’
    • ‘Check asparagus spears for red, black and yellow asparagus beetles and their khaki grubs.’
    • ‘Some of the more common ones to watch out for with asparagus are Fusarium crown and root rot, asparagus rust and asparagus beetles.’
    • ‘Ferns that are allowed to grow during harvest can harbor diseases and insects, especially asparagus beetles.’