Meaning of asparagus pea in English:

asparagus pea


  • A pea plant which has edible cylindrical pods with four longitudinal wavy flanges.

    Tetragonolobus or 'Lotus' purpurea, family Leguminosae

    ‘Also known as asparagus pea or goa bean, the winged bean is a native of Papua New Guinea, and is fairly common on Southeast Asian and British tables.’
    • ‘Cover and cook for one minute, then uncover and add the asparagus peas or mangetouts.’
    • ‘They can solve the problem of early frost by cultivating asparagus peas in containers and moving them inside to a greenhouse or sunny bay window to complete maturation.’
    • ‘The asparagus pea is indigenous to the Mediterranean region of Europe and the Near East, but now cultivated in Western Europe almost exclusively as a connoisseur's vegetable.’