Meaning of aspergillum in English:


Pronunciation /ˌaspəˈdʒɪləm/

nounplural noun aspergilla, plural noun aspergillums

  • An implement for sprinkling holy water.

    ‘Suspended from a rod attached to the frame of what must be a devotional picture, the bucket has been turned into a container for holy water with the addition of an aspergillum.’
    • ‘Within this religious setting, the pot thus functions as a vessel for holy water and the wand as an aspergillum.’
    • ‘This little device is called aspergillum, after the Latin word for sprinkling, which is aspergo.’
    • ‘Use your imagination, remembering that the aspergillums should be sturdy, and that they will be burned or otherwise disposed of at the end of the ceremony.’
    • ‘Fortunately the candles were all new and very tall, so no one was forced to make a mad grab for the aspergilla and extinguish the bouquets.’
    • ‘The aspersorium, containing a small amount of holy water, and aspergillum are placed at the sedilia for use during the final Commendation.’
    • ‘In studying the shape of the fungus he was reminded of an aspergillum, the instrument used for the dispersion of holy water in catholic churches, and so the fungus got its name.’
    • ‘An aspersorium (sometimes aspersory) is the bucket-like vessel which holds the Holy Water and into which the aspergillum is dipped.’


Mid 17th century from Latin.