Meaning of assembly point in English:

assembly point

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  • A location designated as the place for a group to meet or for people to gather in an emergency.

    ‘there were three different assembly points for the demonstration’
    • ‘after calling the fire service the manager should proceed to the assembly point’
    • ‘A huge convoy of cars awaited their arrival outside the pitch, which was the assembly point.’
    • ‘The annual St Stephen's Day Hunt provided a colourful spectacle at the assembly point on the Green.’
    • ‘The assembly point for the parade is the industrial estate at 2 p.m., with the parade moving off at 3 p.m.’
    • ‘Their refusal to allow protesters to meet at their assembly point was ratcheting up the tension.’
    • ‘This fire plan should include a location map showing the assembly point, access routes, water points and fire breaks.’
    • ‘They should go to a clearly designated assembly point or points outside, check in with a co-ordinator there, wait at the assembly point for further instructions and not wander off.’
    • ‘Fishermen, yachtsmen, and river boatmen manned their craft with volunteer crews and rushed them to the assembly point.’
    • ‘The next outing of the Walking Club takes place on Sunday, with the community centre the assembly point at 10.30 a.m.’
    • ‘While it is important to protect the property and assets needed for the business, it is even more important to safeguard employees and all assembly points should be known to all.’
    • ‘There was a fire alarm and we were directed to an assembly point opposite the hotel.’
    • ‘There is no way that I could have followed the directions to my assembly point.’
    • ‘People should know which means of communication are available, how to ensure all personnel are evacuated and what are the designated assembly points.’
    • ‘Marchers were still leaving the assembly point hours after the head of the march had reached the Square.’
    • ‘Local groups will be marching from over ten assembly points around the city to the centre, joining the main demonstration outside City Hall.’
    • ‘The anti-war march is already expected to be so big that it has to have two assembly points.’
    • ‘Because no one knows currently how the floodwater situation will develop, we have established assembly points where those offering and those seeking help can gather.’
    • ‘A substantial part of the march had still not left the assembly point some two hours after the rally had ended in Trafalgar Square.’
    • ‘The manager will check against the signing-in sheet that all staff, students and contractors are at the assembly point.’
    • ‘Identify your nearest means of escape at all times and be aware of your assembly point outside the building.’
    • ‘The assembly point for all walks is in the car park of the Howcroft Inn.’