Meaning of assembly shop in English:

assembly shop


  • A place where a machine or its components are assembled.

    ‘this photo is of the assembly shop for rocket carriers’
    • ‘A total of 480 steel sheet and aluminum parts with a thickness ranging from 1 mm to 2.25 mm are welded, bonded and bolted in the body assembly shop.’
    • ‘On the shop floor, I worked fifteen days in the welding shop and fifteen days in the assembly shop.’
    • ‘The biggest change to the plant will be seen in the general assembly shop, which will soon be upgraded with a new floor skillet and overhead conveyor system.’
    • ‘Before their fiscal year ends, this month, they plan to shop for a new computer and a press for their assembly shop.’
    • ‘It is both comprehensive in its functionality and easy to handle in the assembly shop.’
    • ‘To better control production flow between the body, paint and assembly shops, BMW stacks 80 percent of painted bodies, in sequence, into the plant's automated storage and retrieval system.’
    • ‘The plant expansion installed new production lines in the body and assembly shops dedicated to the larger X5.’
    • ‘Work began on the new paint and assembly shops the following month.’