Meaning of asseveration in English:


Pronunciation /əˌsɛvəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • The solemn or emphatic declaration or statement of something.

    ‘I fear that you offer only unsupported asseveration’
    • ‘the dogmatic outlook marks many of his asseverations’
    • ‘This astonishing asseveration he bases upon the truism that ‘the productiveness, or utility of the soil is a decisive factor in the determination of its value or its rent.’’
    • ‘Competitive journalism, like competitive advertising, ends in the asseveration of impossible claims.’
    • ‘I do not take too seriously Bill's asseverations (as he might say) about retiring from this, that, and the other thing.’
    • ‘This was the asseveration in the first paragraph of the petition.’
    claim, assertion, declaration, statement, proclamation, contention, argument, affirmation, averment, avowal, attestation, testimony, certification, evidence, witness, charge, accusation, suggestion, implication, hint, insinuation, indication, intimation, imputation, plea, pretence, profession


Mid 16th century from Latin asseveratio(n-), from the verb asseverare, from ad- ‘to’ + severus ‘serious’.