Meaning of assisted immigrant in English:

assisted immigrant


historical mainly Australian
  • An immigrant who received financial assistance, usually in the form of a paid passage.

    ‘the majority of assisted immigrants were British’
    • ‘This had dire social consequences, especially for the thousands of assisted immigrants who had arrived in NSW in the midst of the depression.’
    • ‘Between 1946 and 1970 over two million assisted immigrants arrived in Australia.’
    • ‘They wanted to know if it was possible to introduce miners as assisted immigrants.’
    • ‘The first ship-load of post-war assisted immigrants from Great Britain stepped ashore at Auckland.’
    • ‘Historically, the Czechs have been markedly active in community groups that have assisted immigrants and have promoted greater familiarity with Czech culture.’
    • ‘The good ship David Clark rocked up to the Port of Port Phillip and disgorged the first load of assisted immigrants into the colony.’
    • ‘The Irish immigrants were more literate and skilled and probably healthier than those who remained in Ireland, but were under the general average for Australian assisted immigrants as a whole.’
    • ‘They displayed an acute sensitivity to the ethnic needs of local parishioners, and cogently expressed prevailing discontent at a time when large numbers of assisted immigrants had swollen existing parish congregations in the 1870s.’
    • ‘Even among assisted immigrants, the Scots were more likely than the English, and especially the Irish, to be literate, skilled, and also male.’
    • ‘Compared with the home populations, the Irish in Australia were over-represented among both the convict and assisted immigrants of the nineteenth century, and this was a recurrent cause of anxiety in the rest of the colonial community.’