Meaning of associate professor in English:

associate professor



North American
  • An academic ranking immediately below full professor.

    ‘he is associate professor of dermatology at the university’
    • ‘The survey breaks down salaries within disciplines/major fields by faculty status: full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, new assistant professors and instructors.’
    • ‘The report shows that assistant and associate professors spent less time doing administrative work than professors.’
    • ‘He is a tenured associate professor in the School of Communication at the University of Houston.’
    • ‘They hold advanced degrees and serve as professors or associate professors of nursing in the academic setting.’
    • ‘Full professors published fewer articles on average than did associate professors and were roughly equal to assistant professors.’
    • ‘That year he accepted an appointment as an associate professor at Ohio State University.’
    • ‘Among the faculty ranks, we expected heads of departments and assistant professors from doctoral institutions to show less interest in accounting history than associate professors or professors.’
    • ‘He's an associate professor at the naval post graduate school in Monterey and a consultant at Rand.’
    • ‘To the contrary, it is arguably faculty who are frozen in rank as associate professors whose productivity is likely to suffer.’
    • ‘It includes both full and associate professors, but not administrators.’
    • ‘For most teachers of this age in Chinese universities, there are only two or three years left before their retirement and most of them retire as professors or associate professors.’
    • ‘Is there a difference in knowledge levels between faculty members with administrative duties, such as department chairs and assistant deans, versus those without, such as assistant and associate professors?’
    • ‘Two are associate professors - most are assistants heading for tenure review.’
    • ‘He remained on the staff there for the rest of his life being promoted to associate professor in 1937 and full professor in 1941.’
    • ‘He is also an associate professor within Rensselaer's School of Architecture.’
    • ‘His home these days is Dallas, where he is an associate professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre.’
    • ‘He's an associate professor of surgery at the university medical school.’
    • ‘In 1974 he was appointed an associate professor at Stanford University.’
    • ‘He became an associate professor at New York University in 1946 where he stayed for the rest of his life.’
    • ‘It was on the strength of this work that he was made an associate professor at the University of Göttingen.’