Meaning of assuasive in English:


Pronunciation /əˈsweɪsɪv/


  • Soothing or calming.

    ‘trombone and piano combine in a tone at once astringent and oddly assuasive’
    • ‘Conroy's essay is graceful and lapidary and attractive and assuasive.’
    • ‘Cello, saxophone, contra-bass, viola, trombone and piano converse in a tone at once astringent and oddly assuasive.’
    • ‘He should be praised for this, but such an occasional action may no longer serve as assuasive.’
    • ‘To each she bows with sweet assuasive smile.’
    • ‘Illustrative of the assuasive powers of music, this story is one of several that allude to the strange potency attributed to the koto, an instrument anciently used in shamanistic seances.’
    palliative, mild, calmative, alleviating


Early 18th century formed after the pattern of assuage and persuasive.