Meaning of asthenospheric in English:




See asthenosphere

‘They are interpreted to have been derived from subduction modified lithospheric and asthenospheric mantle sources.’
  • ‘We attribute the rapid return to subsidence in the basin to the confinement of abnormally hot asthenospheric mantle in the zone of continental break-up to the NW as sea-floor spreading commenced.’
  • ‘Given the lack of evidence for significant magmatism in the area, the likely heat sources are either radiogenic, or elevated heat flux from asthenospheric mantle emplaced at a relatively shallow level beneath the orogen.’
  • ‘We interpret them to be partial melts of asthenospheric mantle underlying the Antarctic Peninsula magmatic arc.’
  • ‘The trace element and isotopic characteristics of these dykes imply derivation from an asthenospheric mantle source, which is likely to occur only as a result of regional lithospheric extension.’
  • ‘The space between this depth and the base of the model is filled with asthenospheric material with a constant density.’