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Pronunciation /asˈmatɪk/

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  • Relating to or affected with asthma.

    ‘Up to 80 per cent of asthmatic children have allergic rhinitis.’
    • ‘Children with documented cat allergy or with asthmatic symptoms triggered by a cat should avoid cats.’
    • ‘Students were diagnosed with asthma if both questionnaires confirmed the presence of asthmatic symptoms.’
    • ‘More children who lived in urban communities tended to develop asthmatic symptoms than those who lived in rural communities.’
    • ‘In our study, pupils who attended schools that had new ventilation systems reported fewer asthmatic symptoms.’
    • ‘Consecutive adult asthmatic subjects admitted to hospital for asthma were studied.’
    • ‘It's quite important for asthmatic women to have an asthma action plan specifically tailor-made for their pregnancy.’
    • ‘We selected a group of asthmatic patients in two neighbouring counties who had variable asthma so we could measure change.’
    • ‘Immunisation with the influenza vaccine is recommended for asthmatic people.’
    • ‘Some asthmatic patients perceive the severity of their disease rather poorly.’
    • ‘We investigated whether weight loss affects lung function, morbidity, symptoms, or health status in obese asthmatic people.’
    • ‘Exposure to passive smoke is a cause of lung cancer and heart disease and causes respiratory illness and asthmatic attacks.’
    • ‘It is impossible to tell which staff members have begun their sensitization and who already has the potential for an anaphylactic or asthmatic reaction.’
    • ‘An increase in emergency room visits of asthmatic patients was shown in the reports of an urban warehouse fire and the 1987 bush fire in California.’
    • ‘Although asthma and obesity may not be causally related, the high prevalence of obesity results in many asthmatic patients being obese.’
    • ‘If dysfunctional breathing is as common as our data show, facilities for breathing retraining need to be available as part of the overall management of asthmatic patients.’
    • ‘Our subjects are typical examples of asthmatic patients requesting medical assistance in an urban emergency center.’
    • ‘This type of testing may show asthmatic changes in the lungs.’
    • ‘The first measurement occurred in winter, and 77 asthmatic children were selected.’
    • ‘Little is known about the influence of sleep on persistent wheeze in asthmatic patients.’


  • A person with asthma.

    ‘Blanc found that 15% of American adult asthmatics reported that their asthma was worse at work.’
    • ‘This is similar to what happens in allergic asthmatics.’
    • ‘As a result of these symptoms, asthmatics may not tolerate exertion.’
    • ‘Occasionally, asthmatics may experience symptoms getting suddenly worse, or steadily worsening over a period of days.’
    • ‘When asthma is satisfactorily controlled, asthmatics need not be restricted from any activity up to and including competitive athletics.’
    • ‘Given the large number of children who reported other respiratory symptoms, it is likely that some were undiagnosed asthmatics.’
    • ‘Clear correlations can then be made between air pollutant exposure concentrations, respiratory function, and quality of life among asthmatics.’
    • ‘Continued smoking by adult asthmatics is the likely cause of irreversibility of airway obstruction and development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.’
    • ‘Currently, asthmatics would have to undergo a series of injections, and protection would not be permanent, perhaps lasting only a few years.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the study, medical questionnaires revealed that three subjects had been asthmatics during their childhood.’
    • ‘Many asthmatics struggle with secondhand smoke, so it's not a surprise that you are struggling with asthma again since you started smoking.’
    • ‘From the responses we obtained, two groups of subjects were created: asthmatics and non-asthmatics.’
    • ‘There has been research published in the past that suggested that asthmatics do better when they live in dustier environments, too.’
    • ‘There were only a few individuals who claimed they were asthmatics.’
    • ‘There's some recent evidence that suggests asthmatics may be at greater risk of certain types of severe pneumonia.’
    • ‘Asthma is not a handicap in achieving excellence in sport as shown by the number of Olympic gold medal swimmers who were asthmatics.’
    • ‘Indoor air quality can have a huge effect on how severe asthma symptoms are for many asthmatics.’
    • ‘Warm weather makes life harder for hay fever sufferers and for asthmatics.’
    • ‘The findings could be good news for Britain's 12 million hayfever sufferers, as well as asthmatics and people with serious allergies to insect stings or certain foods.’
    • ‘Despite the increased risk they run, fewer than 20 per cent of asthmatics are vaccinated against the flu.’


Early 16th century via Latin from Greek asthmatikos, from asthma (see asthma).