Meaning of astromancy in English:



mass nounhistorical
  • Divination by the stars; astrology.

    ‘the religious community was, generally, antagonistic to astromancy’
    • ‘Here is a fantasy of necromancy and astromancy, gunpowder and swordplay, politics and crime.’
    • ‘In 16th-century intellectual circles, attacks by the humanists Pietro Pomponazzi and Pico della Mirandola challenged the standing of astromancy.’
    • ‘I argue that astrology, which originated as astromancy, or astral divination - a dialogue with the divine - essentially still is that.’
    • ‘Even up to the present day men of intellectual eminence have convinced themselves that astromancy has a foundation of truth.’
    • ‘Catholics don't use astromancy to choose their pope.’
    horoscopy, stargazing