Meaning of astylar in English:


Pronunciation /əˈstʌɪlə/


  • (of a classical building) lacking columns or pilasters.

    ‘She then describes the battle of the styles between Baroque, Palladian, and astylar designs for the great voluntary hospitals in Britain.’
    • ‘The facade has one unbroken surface - an early example of the astylar treatment.’
    • ‘These buildings are known as astylar, that is without columns.’
    • ‘The architecture was described by the architect as ‘an astylar composition on severely Classic lines, but with free Renaissance treatment in detail’.’
    • ‘The pre-war German ideals of astylar glass boxes that revealed their structural frame (as well as the interiors) were the basis for the International style.’


Mid 19th century from a-‘without’ + Greek stulos ‘column’ + -ar.