Meaning of aswirl in English:


Pronunciation /əˈswəːl/


  • In a twisting or swirling pattern.

    • ‘she shook her head, sending the streamers aswirl’


  • Covered or surrounded with something swirling.

    ‘flowers aswirl with bees’
    • ‘Rumors are aswirl on campus that she actually slept on the floor at a freshman dorm.’
    • ‘By contrast, the exhibition's centerpiece demonstrates that the fragmented nature of modern reality can be restored to classical holism with a harmonious composition featuring several figures aswirl in a rhythmic ritual dance.’
    • ‘One was a rousing version of a polka that would set us all aswirl, spinning giddy circles until we crashed into each other.’
    • ‘Rumors are already aswirl about a top-level study on how to restructure the consulting business.’
    • ‘In a media world aswirl with public condemnation and calumny, a few journalists tried with difficulty to keep their heads.’