Meaning of asylee in English:


Pronunciation /əˌsʌɪˈliː/

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  • A person who is seeking or has been granted political asylum.

    ‘Some of the would-be asylees are in serious need of international protection.’
    • ‘Congress needs to restore the original intent of the political asylum law and resist efforts to develop new classifications of asylees.’
    • ‘There are other categories (lottery winners), and refugees and asylees, but the Rule is: individual Americans invite individual immigrants.’
    • ‘During 1992-2002, an estimated 380,000 to 536,000 persons entered the United States annually as immigrants, refugees, or asylees.’
    • ‘Smugglers commonly fool would-be asylees, taking their money and disappearing or simply failing to help them cross Turkey's borders.’
    • ‘U.S. immigration law mandates screening outside the United States for applicants designated as refugees or asylees.’
    • ‘One in 10 students is a refugee or asylee, often from either Cuba or Haiti.’
    • ‘A question that needs to be addressed by many other states and international organizations concerns the status of long-term refugees and asylees.’
    • ‘As a condition of entry, persons migrating as immigrants, refugees, and asylees are required to be screened for diseases of public health significance, including TB.’
    • ‘Immigrants, refugees, and asylees constitute only a fraction of foreign-born persons who enter the United States each year.’
    • ‘The Jamestown Foundation Jamestown is a unique organization founded in the early eighties to assist asylees and defectors from the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries.’
    • ‘The Dublin Convention set up an EU-wide data base of asylees and refugees and clarified responsibility for processing asylum seekers who had applied to several EU countries.’