Meaning of asymptotic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌasɪm(p)ˈtɒtɪk/


See asymptote

‘Other topics in the large range of applied mathematics topics which he studied were existence theorems and asymptotic expansions.’
  • ‘He also worked on asymptotic analysis, fractional integration and singular partial differential equations.’
  • ‘Gromov brought his geometric intuition to group theory and told us to look at the asymptotic properties of the Cayley graph.’
  • ‘He often returned to the topic of his first research paper on the error term in an asymptotic formula discovered by Gauss.’
  • ‘He gave a wonderful series of lectures on special functions, asymptotic analysis, and approximation theory.’
  • ‘Barnes next turned his attention to the theory of integral functions, where, in a series of papers, he investigated their asymptotic structure.’
  • ‘For these data, the linear and asymptotic curves were nearly indistinguishable.’