Meaning of asynchronously in English:



See asynchronous

‘In a web-based course, the course content is developed as modules in HTML, and interaction takes place asynchronously through discussion boards or plain old e-mail.’
  • ‘When people exchange information they can do it synchronously, i.e., interacting at the same time, or asynchronously, i.e., interacting at different times.’
  • ‘Eggs are incubated for 25-30 days and hatch asynchronously.’
  • ‘Because incubation begins before all eggs have been laid, the eggs hatch asynchronously, and the older chicks are noticeably larger than they younger chicks.’
  • ‘Events are queued asynchronously, in real time as the events happen, but they are read synchronously via the read system call.’
  • ‘We assume that cells reproduce asynchronously.’