Meaning of at a glance in English:

at a glance

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  • Immediately upon looking.

    ‘she saw at a glance what had happened’
    • ‘Divide the number of calls by the number of operators, and you could see at a glance how ‘efficiently’ your centre was operating.’
    • ‘Even experts can't tell if they are real or fake at a glance.’
    • ‘Use bold type for emphasis, use spaces between lines and points so that it's easy to see the essence of your message at a glance.’
    • ‘The applications tell you at a glance which of your colleagues are available at any one time and exchanging information becomes an effortless breeze.’
    • ‘Yet I want all the stories to be right there, at a glance, preferably with the author's name and a title for the story.’
    • ‘When late blight is first identified in an area, the information is entered on a map so that the location and date of the outbreak is obvious at a glance.’
    • ‘Overground buses serving each of the major routes in and around Leeds are colour coded so passengers can tell at a glance exactly where a bus is travelling.’
    • ‘Hang them on a pegboard so that you can see at a glance what you have.’
    • ‘To conclude, one of the so-called benefits of adopting the euro has always been that prices can be compared across frontiers at a glance.’
    • ‘It'll be a way of showing - at a glance - what I have learned, experienced and discovered over this past year.’