Meaning of at a premium in English:

at a premium

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  • 1Scarce and in demand.

    ‘space was at a premium’
    • ‘Property is an excellent investment, particularly in Dublin, where space is at a premium but demand remains high.’
    • ‘It had a whopping 64MB of memory, so space was at a premium.’
    • ‘This was sensible as in mid-summer hut space is at a premium.’
    • ‘Yes, in our increasingly crowded city, space is at a premium and self-storage like this is a good idea, but why on earth does it have to be built in a residential area?’
    • ‘Even the most unpromising small plot can be transformed into a successful garden with hints which will show you just what can be achieved when space and time are at a premium.’
    • ‘Over six hundred students are now present and space is at a premium, nevertheless the planning was perfect and the school year got off to a flying start.’
    • ‘On job sites, space is at a premium, and the addition of more equipment can lead to congestion and unsafe conditions.’
    • ‘Even though the building is small and space is at a premium, it has little effect on the cheerfulness of the participants.’
    • ‘That half-foot makes a big difference when space is at a premium, he says.’
    • ‘Anyone unfamiliar with Hong Kong is probably at least aware of its reputation for being a city where space is at a premium.’
    scarce, in great demand, like gold dust, hard to come by, in short supply, thin on the ground, few and far between, not to be had, rare, rare as hen's teeth, scarce as hen's teeth
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  • 2Above the usual or nominal price.

    ‘touts sell the tickets at a premium’
    • ‘The price they'll get has been set at a premium above what they could expect to receive from traditional marketing outlets.’
    • ‘In Edinburgh the market is still robust and city centre property prices for developers are at a premium.’
    • ‘With the development plans in limbo, prices should remain at a premium.’
    • ‘On the other hand, coal was at a premium and the price of copper was fixed at £100 a ton.’
    • ‘If the company is bought, any deal is likely to be done at a premium to the share price.’
    • ‘Under the new system, clubs are permitted to sell their allocated tickets to licensed operators at a premium.’
    • ‘Prices have doubled in the past year, often selling at a premium to other precious metals such as platinum.’
    • ‘Will grocery stores sell free range oatmeal at a premium?’
    • ‘In Normandy, the resorts of Trouville and Deauville are popular with Parisians, so properties sell at a premium.’
    • ‘Problem pages are sufficiently widely read that their facing advertising pages sell at a premium.’
    of incalculable value, of incalculable worth, of inestimable value, of inestimable worth, of immeasurable value, of immeasurable worth, invaluable, beyond price, without price, worth its weight in gold, worth a king's ransom
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