Meaning of at a time in English:

at a time

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  • Separately in the specified groups or numbers.

    ‘he took the stairs two at a time’
    • ‘We can only view parts of it at a time and have to continually update stale parts of the view.’
    • ‘After five blocks he went through the door of the hotel and climbed the stairs two at a time.’
    • ‘He vaulted up the stairs two at a time, and knocked on the door twice before entering.’
    • ‘I think, with practice, I may be able to relax for as much as two hours at a time by the end of the week.’
    • ‘And why would they use a bit of all of them, rather than work through them one at a time?’
    • ‘Now we are not talking about logistics, because there can only be one urgent claim at a time.’
    • ‘At one of them we sat for over twenty minutes, crawling forward half a car's length at a time.’
    • ‘Only a tiny part of the pattern need be printed at a time, and by looking at it you can tell where it's from.’
    • ‘The hostel houses six people for up to six months at a time, and turns away an average of one person a day.’
    • ‘Many of them had to be winched down one at a time to the entrance to the tunnel.’
    in succession, in a row, at a time, successively, consecutively, running, straight, on end, one after the other, continuously, without a break, without interruption