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at first glance

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  • When seen or considered briefly and for the first time.

    ‘good news, at first glance, for frequent travellers’
    • ‘As would be expected, however, there is much more going on within the picture than is apparent at first glance.’
    • ‘A grotesque formation vase catches the attention of guests at first glance.’
    • ‘This seems to offer little guidance at first glance, however some common ground is starting to emerge.’
    • ‘Her clever collage and striking photographs are, at first glance, simple and beautiful.’
    • ‘What may seem odd and unstructured at first glance, he insists, will soon seem fun and spontaneous.’
    • ‘But it is not the huge caricature the townies would take it for at first glance.’
    • ‘It looked very tough at first glance but when I worked out what they were looking for, I settled down.’
    • ‘Some hotels, for example, can, at first glance, still seem locked in the 1950s.’
    • ‘Maybe he was older than he looked at first glance in the dark, and possibly drunk?’
    • ‘This difference, which seems subtle at first glance, is actually quite dramatic.’
    on the face of it, on the surface, at first sight, to the casual eye, to all appearances, to go by appearances, to judge by appearances
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