Meaning of at full cock in English:

at full cock


  • (of a gun) with the cock lifted to the position at which the trigger will act.

    ‘he wore a leather holster, the automatic slung at full cock butt-forward’
    • ‘In most of its usage, that term denotes a part that holds the hammer at full cock until the trigger moves it to the release point.’
    • ‘The hammer should be returned to the half-cock safety position when the action is closed rather than leaving it at full cock.’
    • ‘He was making a vigilant circumspection of the forest, his shotgun held in both hands and at full cock, his finger upon the trigger.’
    • ‘He and others carried their guns with a cartridge chambered, hammer at full cock and thumb safety engaged.’
    • ‘You can fire one barrel with the other at full cock without fear of accidentally firing the other barrel.’