Meaning of at full pelt in English:

at full pelt

(also full pelt)


  • With maximum energy or force; at top speed.

    ‘I ran downstairs at full pelt’
    ‘people don't realize what it sounds like when you're singing full pelt’
    • ‘An hour later, wondering whether she had perhaps done the wrong thing and missed out on some fun, she had run full pelt through the kitchen towards the door that led to the garden.’
    • ‘Today, immediately after my greeting, three of them skittered to their feet and ran full pelt on the water alongside me until they took off and soared above.’
    • ‘When she turned round he had gone, and the frightened girl ran home full pelt, but to this day she remembers that stranger's words of comfort.’
    • ‘With the game having received successive shots in the arm, we were all set for an intriguing climax and the sight of both teams going full pelt for glory.’
    • ‘But as he ran full pelt into his brave new world, he barely left a scratch much less a dent.’
    • ‘Out on the pitch, the sprinklers are at full pelt.’
    • ‘The dogs come belting down the hill at full pelt, barely stopping to take a fence which they fly over, huge ears flapping, a furious black and tan blur of paws and tails.’
    • ‘The only motions they are likely to make are forward - at full pelt.’
    • ‘Think about it, in the summer when your garden is at full pelt, there isn't much to do besides the odd bit of dead heading and weeding.’
    • ‘Suddenly, 150 very excited, giggly people were charging back towards us at full pelt.’