Meaning of at Her Majesty's pleasure in English:

at Her Majesty's pleasure


(also at His Majesty's pleasure)
  • Detained in a British prison.

    ‘his sharp practice cost him a term at Her Majesty's pleasure’
    • ‘Yet at the same time the State-funded prison system allows those at Her Majesty's pleasure to smoke.’
    • ‘She was sentenced to be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure and released on licence in 1980.’
    • ‘Crime was an integral part of the family's history - Eddie's mother had already had her collar felt and was serving time at Her Majesty's pleasure.’
    • ‘But what might keep people awake at night is the thought that company directors found to have turned a blind eye to the use of pirate software in their organisation can find themselves being entertained at Her Majesty's pleasure.’
    • ‘Julian Spalding, an internationally renowned art expert, claims aspiring students would get a better grounding in the basics of painting and sculpture if they spent a period at Her Majesty's pleasure.’
    • ‘On two occasions he brought up his time spent at Her Majesty's pleasure (in fact telling me that if I was a writer and comedian and wanted to get some material I should really go to prison).’
    • ‘If you were civic-minded you could foot the bill for ten teachers' salaries or keep the same number of criminals in gruel and water for a year at Her Majesty's pleasure.’
    • ‘With so much potential for ripping people off, it's surprising more magicians don't spend the odd holiday at Her Majesty's pleasure.’
    • ‘This is not quelled by maturity, or a mere 12-year spell at Her Majesty's pleasure.’
    • ‘It's only bad luck and getting caught that has caused him to be spending time at Her Majesty's pleasure.’