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at issue

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  • Under discussion; in dispute.

    ‘the point at issue is quality’
    • ‘Mr Coffey later said if the material at issue was discussed it could imperil a future trial.’
    • ‘Never exclude anyone from voicing a perspective on the question at issue.’
    • ‘But this comparative element is too close to the question at issue: whether inequality is bad.’
    • ‘The question at issue, then, is whether the judicial function has any role to fulfill in evaluating the process.’
    • ‘The real question at issue was the pace at which gradual democratization should proceed.’
    • ‘What is also at issue is the service being provided in supplying the morning-after pill in the first place.’
    • ‘What appears to be at issue is whether fostering critical thought is done in a partisan manner.’
    • ‘Indeed, beyond the conventional list of individual human rights something new was at issue.’
    • ‘Less clearly stated but equally at issue is the right to set the level of profit.’
    • ‘Also at issue are the lack of adequate fire escapes and fire separation in the crawl space.’
    in question, in dispute
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