Meaning of at one's convenience in English:

at one's convenience

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  • At a time or place that suits one.

    ‘do make an appointment at your convenience’
    • ‘Under the new system records will be accessible to GPs, doctors and paramedics, and patients will have the right to book hospital appointments at their convenience.’
    • ‘We deal with thousands of patients directly and by telephone, allocating appointments at their convenience or as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘Why shouldn't an NHS patient be able to book an appointment for an operation at their convenience, just like they could if they paid for it?’
    • ‘The signatories offered ‘to call and have an exploratory discussion at your convenience.’’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be easier if someone - or something - in your home, available at your convenience, and coldly judgemental without being mean, could teach you how to sing?’
    • ‘Oh, yes, please contact me at your convenience.’
    • ‘Chocolate is a cheap thrill, a pleasure you can savour at your convenience in the company of others or completely alone… and it is rarely disappointing.’
    • ‘You can choose any week or month at your convenience.’
    • ‘Someone is always there to sign for your packages, which you then pick up at your convenience (for less cost than home delivery).’
    • ‘I am confident that I possess all the necessary qualifications for the position and am ready to meet with you at your convenience.’
    at a convenient time, at a time that suits you, when it suits you, at your leisure, in your own time, when you have a minute, when you can