Meaning of at one's own risk in English:

at one's own risk

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(also at one's risk)
  • Used to indicate that if harm befalls a person or their possessions through their actions, it is their own responsibility.

    ‘they undertook the adventure at their own risk’
    • ‘Anyone who brings their children is doing so at their own risk.’
    • ‘Further, any persons or institutions entering into any agreement with them should know that they are doing so at their own risk in that they may lose millions of money and credibility, of which the group shall not accept responsibility.’
    • ‘The bottom line: people who park their bikes outside during the winter do so at their own risk, and the city won't pay for any damages caused by public works operations..’
    • ‘I'm aware that one is not supposed to send anything of value by courier and if one does do so, it's at one's own risk.’
    • ‘Swimming in the sea is to be clearly done at one's own risk, as the currents are very strong in this part of the coast.’
    • ‘The patient, who comes from a Siberian village and was identified only by his first name, Sergei, paid over £1,000 towards the cost of the operation, which the doctors had warned was performed at his own risk.’
    • ‘When I park in parking lots, there are often signs posted saying that the people who park there do so at their own risk and that the businesses are not responsible for accidents and theft.’
    • ‘We take no responsibility whatsoever if you want to try some of these ‘instructions'; do so at your own risk.’
    • ‘Use of any of the information in this article is at your own risk, and readers under age 18 should have parental permission before attempting to modify any computer case and/or attempting to use power tools.’
    • ‘Signs were put up saying ‘Enter at your own risk!’’