Meaning of at peace in English:

at peace


  • 1 euphemistic Free from anxiety or distress.

    ‘she had felt at peace, and strangely detached’
    • ‘Caring for my two pups helped me feel at peace and reduced my anxiety and depression.’
    • ‘And we want them to be safe, secure and at peace as well.’
    • ‘I'm feeling quiet inside, at peace, content in a way.’
    • ‘I enjoyed it so much and felt at peace and happy and calm.’
    • ‘Jane had a special fondness for gardening and was always at peace and content in her garden which she tended with such fond care.’
    • ‘I felt secure and at peace at my parents' palace.’
    • ‘Helen is placid and at peace, and very happy to see Jane.’
    • ‘All of a sudden I wanted to be where I felt calm and at peace.’
    • ‘The whole time she held me I felt so at peace, so secure, so loved I didn't want to ever let her down.’
    • ‘I can catch up on my rest later when I am more at peace.’
    serene, calm, tranquil, composed, placid, at peace, at rest, at ease, in repose, reposeful, undisturbed, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, anxiety-free, content, blissful, secure
    1. 1.1Dead and therefore free from the difficulties of life.
      ‘He's at peace now, free of pain, free of the longing for supernatural rescue.’
      • ‘Theresa is at peace now but the rest of you are all left with the sorrow and tragedy of her death.’
      dead, expired, departed, gone, no more, passed on, passed away
  • 2In a state of friendliness.

    ‘a man at peace with the world’
    • ‘I pray that we will live harmoniously and at peace with one another, regardless of which tradition or path we follow.’
    • ‘Just being around her best friend made her feel much more at peace with the world.’
    • ‘I pose that question to all of you since I firmly believe that your response will indicate whether you are at peace with God, with others and with yourself.’
    • ‘It was a tolerant place, where the Orthodox Christian majority lived at peace with its small Muslim minorities (as it still does).’
    • ‘Once we do that, we will be at peace with ourselves.’
    • ‘They would be at peace with each other and with non-Muslim nations.’
    • ‘I do not wish to quarrel with them, but to live as I have always done, at peace with them.’
    • ‘American courts tend to recognize and protect our right to travel to and in countries at peace with us, and they have had good reason to do so.’
    • ‘This image is not one of a warrior with anti-imperialist ideals, but of a civilized leader at peace with the West.’
    • ‘They began as revolutionary or radical attempts to reconstruct the world but became increasingly conservative and at peace with the world.’
    harmonious, at peace, strife-free, peaceable, conflict-free, on good terms, amicable, friendly, cordial, non-violent, unwarlike