Meaning of ataman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈatəman/

nounplural noun atamans

  • A Cossack leader.

    ‘Each Cossack force had its own ataman and there was an ataman of all Cossack forces who, from 1827, was the heir to the imperial throne.’
    • ‘After the defeat at Simbirsk, some other atamans betrayed Razin and gave him up to the authorities.’
    • ‘From the outset, the Japanese cultivated Semenoff and like-minded Cossacks, and lavish gifts and money found their way to Chita and to strongholds of other atamans in eastern Siberia.’
    • ‘Their high command - the atamans - arrived in ostentatious foreign cars.’
    • ‘The collection contains studies by government officials, scholars, and Cossack movement leaders (atamans).’
    • ‘Apart from these more organized armies, armed gangs of bandits under their own leaders (atamans) join the fighting.’


Mid 19th century from Russian.