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Pronunciation /ˈeɪθɪɪz(ə)m/

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mass noun
  • Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

    ‘Doubts and refutations were presented from the perspective of humanistic atheism and agnosticism.’
    • ‘Christianity has nothing to fear from atheism or agnosticism.’
    • ‘How atheism and agnosticism have spread in the later generations is there for everyone to see.’
    • ‘No matter how strenuously some may try to deny it, atheism is a belief system.’
    • ‘As a thinker he advanced from theological liberalism to deism, then pantheism and possibly to atheism.’
    • ‘Let me quickly say that I am not advocating mass conversions to atheism or agnosticism.’
    • ‘And in terms of religious education is atheism or humanism ever given equal balance with official religions?’
    • ‘I whole-heartedly welcome proposals to tell children about atheism and agnosticism in schools.’
    • ‘Miller discussed and investigated the philosophical basis and long history of atheism and disbelief.’
    • ‘The school accepts children from other religions, and teaches alternative religions and even atheism.’
    • ‘My atheism isn't due to a lack of interest in God at all, but rather the opposite: a fascination with humanity.’
    • ‘Not one of the city's ancient churches was left unscathed by the long years of official atheism.’
    • ‘I had thought as a freshman at Kenyon that atheism was the most rebellious thing I could do.’
    • ‘Denial of any purpose and order is current in atheism and materialism.’
    • ‘It had also been predicted that a great wave of atheism would sweep the world.’
    • ‘It saddens me deeply that you feel that our ministry is more dangerous than atheism.’
    • ‘The teaching of eternal torment has done more to drive people to atheism and insanity than any other invention of the devil.’
    • ‘However, I think there's more that could be said about the relation between naturalism and atheism.’
    • ‘One interesting discovery is the paucity of scholarly work on the actual history of atheism.’
    • ‘Indeed one of the other fashionable mistakes of the moment is to blur the distinction between the terms atheism and secularism.’
    non-belief, non-theism, disbelief, unbelief, scepticism, doubt, agnosticism, irreligion, godlessness, ungodliness, profaneness, impiety, heresy, apostasy, paganism, heathenism, freethinking, nihilism
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Late 16th century from French athéisme, from Greek atheos, from a- ‘without’ + theos ‘god’.