Meaning of atilt in English:


Pronunciation /əˈtɪlt/


  • Tilted and nearly falling.

    ‘Before I knew it, he was right in front of me, head atilt again, and preening for me.’
    • ‘The helicopter shuddered and roared and we were off at a mind-numbing forty-five degree angle, nose down, the earth hanging all atilt before us, our hearts in our throats and our stomachs still on the ground.’
    • ‘When I ask to visit, I'm told to look for the yellow Santa Fe Railway boxcar, which is set atilt on uneven ground and easily seen from the road.’
    at a slant, on the slant, at an angle, not straight, slanting, slanted, slantwise, slant, oblique, leaning, inclining, inclined, angled, cambered, canted


Mid 16th century from a-+ tilt.