Meaning of atomic spectrum in English:

atomic spectrum



  • The spectrum of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed during transitions of electrons between energy levels within an atom. Each element has a characteristic spectrum by which it can be recognized.

    ‘But then we wouldn't see the characteristic atomic spectra of the different elements - atoms would be able to produce light of any colour, which is not what we observe.’
    • ‘In 1913, Danish physicist Niels Bohr developed the first model of the atom that used the concepts of quantum theory to explain atomic spectra.’
    • ‘He had been struggling to understand the details of atomic spectra.’
    • ‘Addition of this exclusion principle to the then current theory of atomic structure enabled many additional predictions to be made about atomic spectra and chemical combination.’
    • ‘Although the Bohr model adequately explained how atomic spectra worked, there were several problems that bothered physicists and chemists.’
    • ‘Each element has its own unique atomic spectrum.’