Meaning of atomic volume in English:

atomic volume


  • The volume occupied by one gram-atom of an element under standard conditions.

    ‘To analyze the volume of a protein molecule, it is not sufficient to take a simple sum of the atomic volumes of its atoms.’
    • ‘The amount of space remaining in each sphere is referred to as the atomic volume.’
    • ‘In each period a number of physical properties other than atomic volume also fell and rose, such as valence and melting point.’
    • ‘Deviations from standard atomic volumes in proteins determined through Voronoi tessellation correlate with crystallographic resolution and can be used as a quality measure for crystal structures.’
    • ‘To answer the question of whether different regions in a protein have different packing densities, mean atomic volumes were calculated for selected sets of protein atoms.’
    • ‘I felt justified, therefore, in suggesting that the surface tensions of molten metals, like other properties, are periodic functions of their atomic weights and that they vary inversely as some function of their atomic volumes.’