Meaning of atomic war in English:

atomic war


mass noun
  • Warfare in which atom bombs are used.

    ‘He even went so far as to admit that atomic war would be catastrophic for all mankind, but he was soon persuaded by his colleagues to backtrack.’
    • ‘How else would I be able to argue that the only response that would be unreasonable would be atomic war?’
    • ‘If statesmen failed to prevent atomic war, he said, ‘the war after that will be fought with sticks and stones.’’
    • ‘In one public opinion poll, 97 percent of Americans reported that they had made no particular preparations for atomic war.’
    • ‘This training center was focused on training forces to fight in an atomic war.’
    • ‘In the event of an atomic war, the first two weeks would probably be a fight for survival, when a knowledge of civil defence would be of as much importance to military as to civilian personnel.’