Meaning of atomization in English:


Pronunciation /atəmʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/

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(also British atomisation)

See atomize

‘Overall, atomization bred apathy towards the higher state structure.’
  • ‘Nothing that has happened since that day has altered the mood of atomisation and political alienation within our societies, or galvanised public support for politics and government.’
  • ‘There is a growing sense of atomisation and alienation in the West.’
  • ‘And far from therapy providing the solution to atomisation, it only fuels this destructive trend, pushing people further away from their nearest and dearest.’
  • ‘More and more of us relish the freedom of living alone but this atomisation has worrying long-term effects for society, says David Willetts’
  • ‘To reduce emissions and improve performance, the company's fuel system developers have increased injection pressures to provide finer fuel atomization.’
  • ‘The whole affair only contributed to the atomization of the political spectrum.’